The second important process in a secure system architecture is authorization, aka AuthZ. In the digital world not just the end users have an identity but the services also do. With the introduction of the OAuth 2.0 standards we have defined ways of implementing authorization in our systems. As always…

The stories of high availability and horizontal scaling of services to handle millions of transactions depend on a service — The Load Balancer.

The Load Balancer can be one at the edge (L4 or L7) or can be internal (ILB).The Traffic Manager services are considered to be Load Balancers as…

Some of the Microsoft-Azure developers might have used Azure Managed Identities and the rest might not have. Do you know what happens behind the scenes when you enable “Managed Identity” for a service?

Lets use a couple of scenarios to set the stage for this topic.

  1. If you are not…

Sriram Ganesan

A passionate developer currently in the journey of a solutions architect. “Under the hood” learning of architectures gives me unparalleled happiness

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